Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Committee

Ottawa - August 15, 2011

As regular readers of this blog know, we recently solicited nominations to the Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Committee. We received over two dozen nominations from all over the country and across the Veterans’ community. The selection process is now complete and the list of new Advisory Committee members is posted in the Advisory Committee section of our Web site.

These committee members were selected on the basis of their knowledge of, and experience with, Veterans issues. Rather than representing any particular organization, committee members will be asked to promote the well-being and fair treatment of all Veterans, and to encourage cooperation among groups representing Veterans.

To ensure that I can benefit from the broadest representation of views and experiences, I have decided to create an additional category of membership to the Advisory Committee. I have identified many individuals with varied areas of expertise and experience whom I will turn to for counsel and advice, as needed. This list of individuals, whom I will refer to as “affiliates”, is also published in the Advisory Committee section of our Web site.

I look forward to telling you more about the Advisory Committee and the work they’ll be doing in the coming weeks and months.

Guy Parent

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Bev. said:

This is my first time visiting the website. I am impressed and will visit quite often. I have had the opportunity to contact the Ombudsman twice and both times it brought almost immediate responses.I have a great deal of appreciation for Veterans Affairs, but have found that they do need to be watched carefully or they, get hung up in red tape or issues they do not understand fully.

August 30, 2011 1:16 PM

Scott said:

Hi! Folks; Well here we go again....recently the Dept. of National Defense made it clear that they were making changes to their "Legacy of Care Program." You remember the program that was earmarked for all injured Veterans and then suddenly withdrawn and made available only to those Veterans returning from Afghanistan. This program would have included such things as; Barrier-free transitional accommodations; Support services while in transitional accommodations: Attendant care: Spousal education: and enhanced case management support; When this program was first announced by both Mr. Blackburn and Peter MacKay we were told by Mr. Mackay "We will continue to find ways to deliver on our commitment to those who have sacrificed so much for Canada, as well as for their loved ones who put their own lives on hold in order to be caregivers,” proclaimed Mr. Blackburn with Peter MacKay jointly. Recently while on his way to speak to reporters about his Leader’s revised budget; and with a sheepish grin on his could almost hear Mr. MacKay pondering to himself how the heck am I going to pull this one off? MacKay quickly thought to himself for a moment....lets remind the other seriously injured Veterans and the public about the All Department Cut-Backs. We can do our own cut-backs by making the Legacy of Care Program available only to Veterans returning from Afghanistan. Great idea MacKay thought to himself! Well after the Sun came out and Mr. MacKay's brain freeze started to thaw out you could see him smile and you you could almost hear him say to himself; "What am I going to do with the remaining money that we were going to give the seriously injured Veterans to improve their quality of life and job opportunities." Once again MacKay thought for a moment and for sure he said to himself; this is a dilemma, on one hand I saved the Canadian People twenty-five million dollars and my Leader will be very proud of me.....on the other hand I have twenty-five million dollars left over? As you can imagine Mr. MacKay had placed himself in a very difficult position....he thought to himself the money was already ear-marked for the Department of National Defense and for Veteran Affairs Canada as support for the more seriously injured Veterans as a whole not just returning Veterans. Finally after jumping up and down for a few seconds you could hear Mr. MacKay proclaiming he had found a solution... You could see and hear Mr. MacKay speaking out loud to the Reporters; Well ; said Mr. MacKay, since the funds were really earmarked for The National Defense that is where it will go....Mr. MacKay then announced to the Reporters ....I am pleased to announce that rather than return the surplus funds earmarked for the "Legacy of Care Program" and the more seriously injured Veterans, I have decided that we are going to paint Ships and Planes. MacKay said everything in the Navy that floats we paint Royal in front of its name, and everything in the Air force that fly’s we will paint Royal in front of its name as well! Problem solved; Paint the Ships and Planes and the remaining seriously injured Veterans we can give them jobs painting those Ships and Planes, problem solved. Yes said Mr. MacKay all that floats and flies will be Royal once again! All the best in strength and wellness. Murray Scott Edmonton Alberta

August 20, 2011 2:59 AM

Dave said:

Will you supply Bio's for all the members of the Advisory Committee and affiliates, so we the Veterans know who's speaking for and in a manner representing us? I recognize Bruce Henwood (Maj retired) as we worked together in the same Regiment, but as for the others, it would be nice to know their back ground!

August 16, 2011 12:31 PM

Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

Yes, we are currently working on the biographies and they will be available on our Web site shortly.

August 17, 2011 2:52 PM