Recognizing Excellence in the Veterans’ Community

Ottawa, ON - September 24, 2014

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Heather MacKinnon and Mr. Thomas Lewis Hoban have been selected among many deserving nominees to be this year’s recipients of the Veterans Ombudsman’s Commendation. It is encouraging to hear of the wonderful work so many Canadians are doing in their communities each and every day in their dedication to Veterans.

As I shared with you earlier, we received more nominations for the Commendation this time around than ever before, and I thank the many individuals and organizations for their nominations. I also wish to thank the members of the Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Council for reviewing the nominations and providing me with their recommendations.

The Veterans Ombudsman’s Commendation is awarded to individuals and groups who work courageously and tirelessly to identify and advance issues on behalf of Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the RCMP, and their families.

I will present the Commendations to the recipients during a short ceremony to be held in Ottawa later this fall. It is an honour for me to have the opportunity to recognize the admirable work of these individuals on behalf of Veterans. Their dedication to the well-being of Canadian Veterans is remarkable, and they should be proud of the positive impact they continue to make in the lives of so many of our Veterans.

About the recipients:

Dr. Heather MacKinnon had a distinguished military career. She served as a medical officer for 12 years and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Today, Dr. MacKinnon operates a medical practice in Halifax focused on serving military and RCMP Veterans. She is a passionate advocate for Veterans. She tirelessly presses the federal and provincial governments for improvement in healthcare programs to better serve the needs of Veterans and their families. She is highly regarded by her colleagues as well as her current and former patients.

Thomas Lewis (Tim) Hoban retired from the RCMP after 24 years as Senior NCO/Detachment Commander. For his contribution, he received both the Queen Elizabeth II Golden & Diamond Jubilee medals. Tim has been an active member of the community and member of the Lions Club International for 45 years as well as past President and Governor of the RCMP Veterans’ Association. Over the years, he showed particular interest in helping troubled youths and Aboriginal Veterans. Recently, he’s been advocating for Homeless Veterans, to ensure those who proudly served maintain an acceptable standard of living.

Please join me in congratulating the latest recipients of the Veterans Ombudsman Commendation.


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Danny J. said:

Dr. Heather MacKinnon has provided me with excellent medical care for over ten years. Dr. MacKinnon never waivered in treating and assisting me through my complex medical conditions, and I assume many other Veterans. Dr. MacKinnon, you definitely deserves this award and I am sure many Veterans also think the same. Congratulations!

October 2, 2014 6:53 PM

Deborah March said:

This commendation is so very well deserved. I have had the privilege of serving with Dr. Heather MacKinnon, and am proud to call her "friend." She has worked tirelessly on behalf of so many veterans and their families... wonderful to see her honoured this way.

October 2, 2014 4:39 PM

Anonymous said:

You have faild me and my famaly also how many other vets u need 78% that's a very small number of vets I am just shy of 78% and receive permanace allowance but don't qualify. you let us down. were is taking care of your men. some time taking on a wrong is worth the backlash after all you have a pention. do us right

October 1, 2014 6:06 PM