Un seul groupe de vétérans, une seule équipe : mise à jour

Ottawa - le 22 juin 2012

Comme je l’ai mentionné dans un blogue antérieur, mon équipe s’est réunie récemment dans le cadre d’une séance de réflexion destinée à tout le personnel. En effet, les employés de nos bureaux d’Ottawa et de Charlottetown se sont rassemblés pendant deux jours pour échanger de l’information, discuter de plans et établir des liens entre collègues. Le Bureau tient des séances de réflexion deux fois par année; elles sont un excellent moyen de planifier les initiatives à venir et de consolider les relations de travail.

En plus de réduire l’écart géographique entre les bureaux, la séance de réflexion a été une occasion de discuter des plans et des priorités de l’année en cours ainsi que des enjeux sur lesquels nous comptons nous pencher au cours des prochains mois.

Nous prévoyons continuer d’examiner des questions d’équité procédurale touchant l’ensemble du processus décisionnel. De plus, nous surveillerons les lettres de décision envoyées par Anciens Combattants Canada et nous veillerons à ce que les recommandations présentées dans notre rapport intitulé Le droit des vétérans de connaître les motifs des décisions : Une question d’équité procédurale soient mises en œuvre. Nous ferons également un suivi de notre analyse des décisions des cours fédérales touchant le Tribunal des anciens combattants (révision et appel) pour nous assurer que des améliorations sont apportées à la lumière des recommandations que nous avons faites dans notre rapport intitulé Le droit des vétérans à un processus décisionnel équitable. Nous comptons produire des rapports de suivi sur ces deux questions afin de vous tenir au courant des progrès réalisés.

Par ailleurs, la séance de réflexion a permis à tout le personnel de communiquer ouvertement ses idées. Ses questions et ses suggestions indiquent clairement que l’équipe prend son travail très au sérieux et qu’elle est très avide de contribuer aux plans et aux projets du Bureau. C’était encourageant de voir l’enthousiasme et la passion dont chaque membre du personnel fait preuve pour ce qui est d’aider les vétérans.

Je sais que cet enthousiasme ainsi que cette passion et ce désir d’aider les vétérans se reflétera dans le travail que nous continuons de faire. Je suis impatient de mettre en place ces nouvelles initiatives, et je vous tiendrai au courant des progrès réalisés.


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Bureau de l'ombudsman des vétérans


22 février 2017 4:48 PM

Jim said:

Although I acknowledge the benefits of gathering staff together for these types of meetings, the purpose of the meeting which cost thousands of tax dollars could have just as easily been accomplished via conference call at designated collection areas. My kids use SKYPE on a regular basis and resolve problems in real time at a significantly less cost to our family than an all expense tax payer funded retreat. Also I see and hear plenty of comments via these blogs about moving forward on disability matters however to date I have yet to hear an acknowledgement or acceptance by VAC, VRAB or the OMBUDSMAN about the need to right the wrongs of the past which are graphically detailed in the Ombudsmans' afore mentioned report. Failed disability applications from the past which the Ombudsman referenced in his report are being used as a template for amending a flawed process yet this template does not seem to be applied towards ALL the previously failed applications. Time to walk the walk folks and apply this process to all the failed claims if the Ombudsmans report was so full of glowing problems. Lets see more accurate statistics and applicant specific rebuttle decisions which follow the method being proposed by the Ombudsman yet is being denied yet again by the VAC/VRAB as a suitable process. If the OMBUDSMANS report was the basis for collecting whats wrong with this process, then right all of the wrongs with this template to amend the future processes as well. It's high time this so called agreed upon formula was applied to previously failed disability applications for transparency in the system, given the examples of deficiencies originate from past failures in that same system. There is a generation of failed disability applications sitting there to be amended. The Ombudsmans has records on ALL the applications that were submitted for review and have been acknowledged as being unfairly adjudicated. Time for some procedural fairness by reviewing past disability applications and employing this fool proof method of ensuring future applicants are treated properly. This would be an important and significant step in the right direction however righting the wrongs of the past at the same time as you collect current applicants will be difficult however will ensure the collective organizations are genuinely interested in solving the procedural problems which plague the VAC/VRAB process. On top of that, it will develop a truly transparent process as proposed by the Ombudsman and reflect the true cost of Canada's commitment to protecting it's shores and defending those in need. The time has come to pay the piper and apply the recommendations made by the Ombudsman so previously failed applicants who are dying from their illnesses while the VAC,VRAB and OMBUDSMAN plays further word games about their interpretation of the Ombudsmans report. We have an entirely new generation of veterans coming online from our Armed Forces deployments since the 1991 Gulf War, therefore anyone saying our veterans are dwindling is obviously short sighted or blind, and also deaf because they fail to hear similar calls for fairness from our partners in the RCMP, the COAST GUARD, the FISHERIES DEPT etc, all whom fall within the mandate of the VAC,VRAB process. Perhaps former Minister Bev Oda could come out of her forced retirement to right the wrongs on behalf of those who struggle with daily disability problems. There was no accountability for her as Minister during her tenure therefore I'm satisfied she will have a surefire way of resolving this current solution by having more tax payer funded RETREATS and get to the bottom of this flawed process before it becomes an even bigger problem. THE PROCESS IS BROKEN BOYS AND GIRLS, WORK TOGETHER, PLAY NICE AND HELP THOSE WHO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO SLEEP SAFELY IN YOUR BED A NIGHT. Nobody expects to be a hero when they put on a uniform on behalf of this great nations however being handed the lowest bidder equipment, having in adequate staffing resources and insufficient training for hazardous situations, there's only one thing remaining for those who would defend this country under those conditions and that's a grave marker provided courtesy of the Government of Canada. Support the troops and those who legitimately become disabled as a result of their service to our great nation! I did and have battled for eight (8) years without success to gain the recognition I deserve following my hazardous on duty injury and the illness it caused. Do the right thing!!!!!!

12 septembre 2012 12:22 AM

Lloyd said:

But does any of them no what The Benefit Of A Doubt Means and that it is to be apply to help Veterans not Veterans Affair/DVA !!!

22 juin 2012 6:36 PM

Graham said:

The directive was to publish ALL results of their proceedings. This would allow public scrutiny of the boards proceedings. The Minister had stated that ALL findings of your office were to be implemented immediately. The VRAB has determined that they will only post findings that they feel are appropriate, and more condescendingly that the use is their to educate veterans about how things are done. In short, no, your recommendations are not being respected and the Minster's directives are ignored and it seems little progress is being made.

22 juin 2012 2:11 PM