Shauna Mulligan

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Shauna is a proud Metis Veteran whose service with the CAF was as a Medical Assistant in the Reserves from 1995-2002.  She left the Reserves to begin Post-Secondary Education at the University of Manitoba. She is current completing her M.A. in Native Studies at the University of Manitoba and plans to begin work on her PhD shortly.

During her service career she was stationed with 17 (Wpg) Medical Company until attached posted to the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders (QOCH) in 2000, as their senior company medical assistant. She instructed numerous first aid classes to the QOCH during annual work-up training while also participating in a number of cross brigade training exercises.  During her time in Winnipeg she deployed as a Medical Assistant most notably working during the “Flood of the Century” in 1997 and The Pan-American Games in 1999. She frequently volunteered to assist  2 PPCLI with any medical parades, immunizations and medical work-up for deployment as well as working with the local Canadian Forces Recruiting office. Shauna has worked with soldiers returning home after deployment, addressing some of the health issues they faced on return to Canada.  Shauna was a Medical Assistant in the Canadian Forces Reserves before her release.