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If you are a client of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and you feel you have been treated unfairly, or you would like information about how to solve an issue, the Office of the Veterans Ombud is here to help. Please note that you must try to have the problem solved using one of the various ways offered by Veterans Affairs before coming to our Office.

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General Inquiries Office Hours
(Monday to Friday)

  • 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M (NDT)
  • 8:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M (ADT)
  • 7:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M (EDT)
  • 6:00 A.M to 2:30 P.M (CDT)
  • 5:30 A.M to 1:30 P.M (MDT)
  • 4:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M (PDT)

General Inquires Contact Info

  • Telephone (toll-free): 1-877-330-4343
  • Email:
  • Fax (toll-free): 1-888-566-7582
  • Mail: Office of the Veterans Ombudsman, P.O. Box 66 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K2
  • TTY (toll-free): 1-833-978-1639

Note: Please note that we do not accept complaints through Facebook, Twitter, or any other third-party platforms. Email and fax are not secure methods of communicating information.

We can provide assistance by...

  • Answering your questions about your rights and the benefits and services provided by VAC;
  • Referring you to programs and services offered by VAC or other jurisdictions;
  • Reviewing and addressing your complaints if you believe that you have not been treated fairly by VAC; and
  • Identifying and making recommendations to address systemic issues related to the delivery of VAC and Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) services.

For more information, read our Mandate.

We do not have the authority to...

  • Intervene until a Veteran has exhausted all recourse mechanisms unless there are compelling circumstances;
  • Review any departmental decisions that can be reviewed or appealed by VRAB such as the benefits provided under the Pension Act as well as those provided under Part 3 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act (NVC) (Disability Award, Critical Injury Benefit, Death Benefit, Clothing Allowance, Detention Benefit) and the War Veterans Allowance;
  • Review any legal advice provided to the Government of Canada or the VRAB or by the Bureau of Pension Advocates to their clients;
  • Review any individual VRAB decision unless it relates to a systemic issue;
  • Review any court decisions or the decisions of a judge;
  • Review court decisions, legal advice or any matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of the RCMP; or
  • Intervene on issues that fall under other federal jurisdiction (i.e. Department of National Defence (DND)), or provincial or municipal mandates.

Other resources

  • If you are a member of the Defence community and have a complaint or need more information about an issue internal to the DND/CAF organization, please contact the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the decision regarding your application for a benefit provided under the Pension Act, Part 3 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act or the War Veteran Allowance Act, or with a decision made by VRAB, please contact the Bureau of Pensions Advocates or a Royal Canadian Legion Service Officer.

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