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A Long Road to Redress

October 26, 2020

Due to a VAC administrative error, an 85-year-old survivor ended up with an overpayment of almost $19,000.  Distraught and vulnerable, this survivor reached out to us and we acted on her behalf.

Aging at Home: Helping a Veteran Secure Needed Renovations

February 19, 2020

A little home adaptation can go a long way, especially when it improves a senior citizen’s quality of life. For many, the ability to remain safe at home means everything to their independence.

A Korean War Veteran and his family were in the midst of adapting his home when they reached out to the OVO with concerns. The Veteran had applied to build a wheelchair accessible shower in his basement as a treatment benefit through the Program of Choice for special equipment (POC13). VAC denied the funding.

Treatment Matters: Assisting a Veteran With Medication Coverage

January 21, 2020

Those who rely on medication to keep health issues in check understand how vital daily treatment is. Treatment can also be costly if an individual does not have the appropriate coverage.

For one Veteran who contacted our office, medication and coverage were at the center of their worries.

The Veteran suffered from an uncomfortable condition that causes areas of the body to go numb and feel cold in response to cold temperatures or emotional stress. Over time, the condition can cause small arteries to thicken slightly, further limiting blood flow.