On Time: Helping a Veteran get an Accurate SSSD

Helping a Veteran get an accurate SSSD
Helping a Veteran get an accurate SSSD
February 26, 2021

A Veteran waiting for a reassessment decision for their disability award suspected their application start date was inaccurate, so they reached out to the OVO to determine if they were unfairly treated. 

The most common complaint we receive at the OVO relates to the length of time it takes to get a VAC decision.  When VAC receives the completed application form and required documentation, the Department advises the Veteran of their Service Standard Start Date and the clock starts ticking.

The OVO Intervention Officer estimated the start date was late, and determined the Veteran was unfairly treated.  

At OVO’s request, the VAC National Program Manager corrected the start date.  We notified the Veteran about the adjusted start date, which shortened the wait time. Thanks to our intervention, this Veteran received a decision sooner.