Joint Transition Project - Closing the Seam

Joint Transition Project - Closing the Seam - Infogra

The Project

Launched in June 2014 by the offices of the DND/CF and Veterans Ombudsmen as a result of a well-documented need to “close the seam” 

Our accomplishments...

  • The 1st end-to-end map of the transition process for ALL medically-releasing  members
  • An inventory of third-party organizations providing transition services
  • Two reports published - Priority Hiring and Support to Families
  • Recommendations provided to CAF and VAC:
    • Fix the lack of formal case management coordination between CAF and VAC and the requirement for VAC to engage earlier is now reflected in the new Enhanced Transition Services model
    • Implement one-stop shopping and transition navigators, VAC is now piloting an enhanced “Guided support role” by Veteran Service Agents
  • Educated, shared information and consulted:

How to Fix the Seam...


Establish clear accountability and defined roles and responsibilities

Service Delivery

  • VAC engage earlier in the transition process with a single <navigator>
  • Apply once to VAC for all benefits/services
  • Eliminate overlap and duplication of the CAF and VAC voc rehab and LTD programs
  • Establish clear relationships and roles and responsibilities between CAF/VAC and third-party organizations
  • CAF determine priority hiring eligibility prior to release


  • Ensure VAC benefits and services in place at release
  • Receive CFSA pension payment first month post release


VAC track vulnerable families and proactively reach out, understand and be responsive to their needs

Top 3 Things to do Now, to Make a Difference

  1. Apply once to VAC for all benefits/services and have a <navigator> throughout the process
  2. Reduce CFSA first pension payment delay and ensure VAC benefits are in place at release
  3. Eliminate overlap and duplication of the CAF and VAC voc rehab and LTD programs