Stakeholder Engagement Highlights Fredericton, NB

The views expressed in this summary are those of individuals and do not represent the views of the Veterans Ombudsman and his office.

On May 29, 2017, the Ombudsman held a stakeholder meeting in Fredericton with representatives from various groups and organizations that support Veterans and their families.


Long term Healthcare Challenges:

  • Waiting lists still remain for Veterans to access beds for Long Term Care.
  • Veterans want to remain in their own homes as long as possible but accessing the VIP and Attendance Allowance needs to be clearer….too cumbersome and complicated.
  • There is no access to Veteran Hospitals for the RCMP as they become feeble and afflicted with dementia.

Transition Challenges:

  • Veterans lose their identity when they leave the Forces. Family and in particular, spouses, prove to be the most important asset to support Veterans.
  • The concern was raised that “everything is in place but nothing is connected” with regards to services and programs for Veterans in transition.

Mental Health Challenges:

  • PTSD appears to be much more prevalent in current Veterans as opposed to older Veterans .
  • Concerns were raised around the military and JPSU releasing Veterans too soon and then having them end up at the Legion and eventually on the street homeless.
  • The tendency is for Veterans to have a longer duration of being homeless than those that are not Veterans. It is difficult to bring homeless Veterans back into civilian life as they do not necessarily see the value or purpose of their future. It becomes critical that their purpose and worth is addressed during their transition to civilian life in order to prevent the potential for homelessness.
  • Telehealth and video services are being used extensively to address remote access challenges for Veterans requiring mental health support and treatment.
  • The new ruling on the marijuana limits posed a concern to Veterans and their families with regard to the impact on the Veteran’s health and their contribution to society, but others felt that Veterans using the full 10 grams could be exposing themselves to health and wellbeing risks.


  • RCMP Veterans Association
  • JPSU Gagetown
  • Gagetown Military Family Resource Center
  • OSI
  • Veterans Health Unit
  • Shaping Purpose
  • Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Mayor of Fredericton
  • Mayor of Ormocto
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