Stakeholder Engagement Highlights Dartmouth, NS

On May 28, 2018, the Veterans Ombudsman held a stakeholder meeting in Dartmouth, NS. Representatives from groups and organizations supporting Veterans and their families in various ways in the Dartmouth area attended the event.


Turnaround Times

  • Very sporadic – VAC is taking up to six months to get back to Veterans who have submitted a request, and some hearing loss claims are taking over a year.
  • Turnaround times for disability awards are too long with several Veterans noting wait times of over 60 weeks.

Family Doctors

  • Complicates transition when Veteran does not have a case worker or family doctor.
  • Maybe need a coordinating unit within MFRCs to help Veterans find family physicians.


  • VAC lacks the coordination needed to effectively resolving Veterans’ issues.
  • Pension For Life – no concrete numbers, short of dollars, short on days; more confusion.

OSI Clinics and MFRCs

  • Opinion voiced that OSI clinics are not working well enough.
  • MFRC numbers are lower than expected – it’s not clear to Veterans where it fits into their transition.

Service Dogs

  • Demand has now reached one request for a dog a day.
  • We can find wheel chairs for Veterans who need them, but we can’t find Veterans’ service dogs

Veteran’s ID Card

  • Consensus on the need for a Veterans ID Card as soon as possible.


  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Military Family Resource Centre(Halifax/Shearwater, NS)
  • Operational Stress Injury Social Support (Halifax, NS)
  • Integrated Personnel Support Centres (Halifax, NS)
  • Paws Fur Thought
  • The Royal United Services Institute of Nova Scotia
  • Family Physician
  • Assessment-Treatment Services, Whelan Psychological Services Inc.
  • RCMP Veterans Association
  • Veterans Ombudsman's Advisory Council Member
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