Frequently Asked Questions

Office of the Veterans Ombudsman (OVO) Client Experience Questionnaire

  1. Why is the OVO conducting this questionnaire?

    This questionnaire is intended to help us understand if we are meeting the needs of our clients and to help us identify areas for improvement.

  2. Why an online questionnaire and not telephone?

    Online questionnaires are the easiest and most common way to connect with clients and collect usable information.

  3. What kind of questions are asked?

    The questionnaire will collect information on your client service experience with our Office. Although you may ultimately not agree with the outcome of your complaint, it is important that you were treated respectfully and were provided with enough information to understand the process and complaint outcome.

  4. How long will the questionnaire take to complete?

    The questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes to complete. 

  5. Is completing this questionnaire required?

    Your participation in this questionnaire will help us evaluate our client service and identify areas for improvement. Even though your participation is voluntary, we encourage you to have your say.

  6. Can anyone complete the questionnaire?

    The questionnaire will be sent to clients who have had a complaint intervened on and closed by our Office; clients requesting information only or who are referred to other organizations will not be included in the questionnaire.

  7. Can someone complete the questionnaire more than once?

    The questionnaire will be sent out to assess your experience for each eligible file worked on by our Office. As such, you may be able to provide feedback more than once.

  8. Can I provide feedback on a specific employee?

    The questionnaire is intended to collect information on your overall client experience with the Office, not on individual staff members.

  9. Is the information I provide confidential?

    Yes, questionnaire responses are completely anonymous and confidential. As such, your comments will have no impact on the outcome of future complaints to the Office.

  10. What if have questions or run into technical difficulties while completing the questionnaire?

    If you have any technical questions or require assistance, you may contact us at

  11. What will happen with the questionnaire results?

    The information collected will be reviewed, analyzed and be reported back to the Ombudsman and our clients. It will be used to continually monitor and improve our service and to help us meet the needs of our clients.

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