2019 Report Card

Status of Veterans Ombudsman Recommendations by Theme

Current as of June, 2019

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Fully Implemented Implemented
Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Not Implemented Not Implemented
Theme iconVeterans Experience
Recommendation 2018 2019
That the administration of funeral and burial benefits be simplified by using a discretionary lump sum approach for reimbursable expenses rather than the present itemized approach Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada engage in a proactive multi-faceted communications campaign to raise awareness of the Funeral and Burial Program Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada be more flexible and allow for extraordinary circumstances to be considered when the established timeframe is exceeded Implemented Implemented
For Veterans Affairs Canada to improve the mechanisms by which disability benefit assessment letters are generated to make sure essential information is captured for inclusion in letters. This information should be presented in a form that is understandable and is in relation to the decision made. An explanation of how this information has been used to arrive at the decision is required. The Department should also ensure that a notice of the right to appeal is contained in every disability benefit decision letter Implemented Implemented
For reasons for decisions to be written in plain language. Any legal, medical, or administrative terms used should be explained. A separate brochure or other companion piece would serve this purpose and could be included with decision letters Implemented Implemented
For procedure manuals and training modules to be examined to ensure that adjudicators are aware of the minimum information to be provided in letters and what is needed to substantiate the reasons for their decisions Implemented Implemented
For quality assurance procedures to be put in place to ensure decision letters fully comply with standards for adequacy of reasons for decisions Implemented Implemented
That the Veterans Review and Appeal Board report to Parliament on its performance using the percentage of Federal Court judgments that uphold Board decisions as an indicator of fairness in the redress process, and on remedial measures to attain the 100 percent target Implemented Implemented
That the Veterans Review and Appeal Board provide reasons for its decisions that clearly demonstrate that its obligation to liberally construe the legislation has been met, as well as its obligations under Section 39 of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act to draw every reasonable inference in favour of applicants, to accept credible uncontradicted evidence, and to give applicants the benefit of evidentiary presumptions (benefit of the doubt) Implemented Implemented
That the Minister of Veterans Affairs ensure that the Veterans Review and Appeal Board is sufficiently resourced so that the Board may publish all of its decisions on its Web site and all Federal Court judgments pertaining to Board decisions Implemented Implemented
For the Veterans Review and Appeal Board and the Bureau of Pensions Advocates to review their processes and service standards for the priority treatment of cases returned by the Federal Courts for rehearing Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada clarify how service and health records required to process disability benefit applications will be obtained and by whom; and that this be included in a policy available to applicants Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada more clearly inform applicants of its intent to retrieve service and health records upon receipt of the application, and the types of records that will be retrieved, and notify applicants that, notwithstanding the actions deemed to be authorized by the consent form, applicants remain responsible for the accuracy of the information Implemented Implemented
Provide clients with a checklist of all required documents on the application form.   Implemented
Triage applications upon receipt based on health and financial need.   Partially Implemented
Apply once for all benefits. Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Provide Members/Veterans/Families with a navigator throughout the transition process. Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Ensure that all VAC benefits are in place at time of release. Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Standardize Service Standard Start Dates to improve transparency and equity and facilitate accurate performance reporting.   Partially Implemented
Upon receipt, immediately return applications if required documents are missing.   Partially Implemented
That the Minister of Veterans Affairs, by 1 April 2019, consolidate financial benefits to reduce complexity and better address the financial needs of Veterans and survivors. Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
For the Minister of Veterans Affairs to mandate the Bureau of Pensions Advocates to represent applicants on judicial review of decisions of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board in the Federal Court. Not Implemented Not Implemented
Provide equitable access to timely decisions regardless of factors such as the applicant’s gender and language.   Not Implemented
When a Veteran dies with a disability benefit application in progress, continue to process the application and permit payment to the estate if the decision is favourable.   Not Implemented
Provide each applicant with an individualized, expected turnaround time for their application, and inform them if the decision will be delayed and why.   Not Implemented
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