2019 Report Card

Status of Veterans Ombudsman Recommendations by Theme

Current as of June, 2019

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Fully Implemented Implemented
Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Not Implemented Not Implemented
Theme iconFinancially Secure
Recommendation 2018 2019
Providing additional financial support after age 65 to eligible totally and permanently incapacitated Veterans to ensure that their monthly benefits are no less than 70 percent of their indexed pre-release salary Partially Implemented Implemented
Increasing the Earnings Loss Benefit to 90 percent of pre-release salary Implemented Implemented
Providing the same Earnings Loss Benefit to former part-time Reserve Force members whose injury or illness is related to service Implemented Implemented
Calculating the annual cost of living adjustment to the Earnings Loss Benefit based on actual annual increases in the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index Implemented Implemented
Increasing the maximum amount of the Disability Award to the maximum judicial cap for non-pecuniary damages awarded by Canadian courts Implemented Implemented
Conducting a comprehensive review, including consultations with Veterans’ stakeholders, to determine what the appropriate maximum amount should be to fairly compensate Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans for pain and suffering resulting from an injury or illness in service to Canada Implemented Implemented
Reviewing the adequacy of the $500 provided for financial counselling Implemented Implemented
That the Minister of Veterans Affairs amends section 40 of the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Regulations to include, “other permanent and severe injury or illness that affect employment and career progression opportunities” in the definition of a permanent and severe impairment. Implemented Implemented
That the Minister and the Department of Veterans Affairs amend relevant Permanent Impairment Allowance regulations and policy to include specific loss of earning capacity criteria to ensure alignment between the determination of the extent of impairment and the objective of the allowance. Implemented Implemented
That the Minister and the Department of Veterans Affairs amend the Permanent Impairment Allowance policy and the relevant regulations so that the assignment of grade levels is based on specific criteria (including the number of working years affected) that characterize the impact of a permanent and severe impairment on loss of employment and career progression opportunities. Implemented Implemented
That the Minister of Veterans Affairs provide compensation to Veterans and their survivors under the NVC to recognize for the non-economic effects of exceptional incapacity. Partially Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada develop new eligibility criteria for the non-economic benefit that compensates for exceptional incapacity (i.e. criteria that are not based on a specific minimum disability percentage). Partially Implemented Implemented
Reduce CFSA first pension payment delay Implemented Implemented
That the ceiling for Veterans funeral and burial expenses be raised to reflect industry standards and that an indexing formula be introduced to ensure that the rates keep up with the economic increases Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada extend the Funeral and Burial Program to all Veterans Implemented Implemented
That eligibility related to the Funeral and Burial Program be extended to include Veterans who suffer from multiple pensioned conditions where the total aggregate suffering and weakening of their body may contribute to the cause of death Implemented Implemented
That the estate exemption (surviving spouse) for the means test be increased and aligned with current income and cost levels. Implemented Implemented
Developing a caregiver recognition program to compensate the spouse or family member who acts as the primary caregiver to a seriously disabled Veteran Implemented Implemented
That the Minister of Veterans Affairs amend the Veterans Well-being Act and Regulations to permit a single CAF member with no dependent children to designate a family member to apply for and receive the Death Benefit. Not Implemented Not Implemented
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