2019 Report Card

Status of Veterans Ombudsman Recommendations by Theme

Current as of June, 2019

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Fully Implemented Implemented
Partially Implemented Partially Implemented
Not Implemented Not Implemented
Theme iconSocial Integration
Recommendation 2018 2019
Providing proper counselling, information, communications and outreach to families Implemented Implemented
Extending access by families to Military Family Resource Centre programs after the medical release of the Canadian Forces member, in collaboration with the Minister of National Defence Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada broadly publicize and make prominent on its Web site and in appropriate publications the definition of a veteran for commemorative purposes Implemented Implemented
That Veterans Affairs Canada, in consultation with the Canadian Forces and the RCMP, pursue a strategy for the issuance of a National Veterans Identification Card to Veterans and releasing members of the Canadian Forces and the RCMP Partially Implemented Implemented
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