Interview with Lieutenant-General Louis Cuppens, C.M.M., C.D. (Ret’d) - 2017 Commendation Recipient


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What is the most rewarding aspect of the work that you do on behalf of Veterans and their families?

How do I feel about it, helping veterans? I don’t seek gratification, I don’t seek any reward, my main aim and what makes me really feel good at the end of a process is knowing that veteran will not have to look over his shoulder to see where his next meal is coming from or where is next job is coming from. He will know or she will know, that at the end of the day, Veterans Affairs Canada will look after them until other things begin to happen.

What's next?

I guess my avocation to help veterans is much of the same. As you help veterans the word goes around and many more find you. Again, it takes time and effort. The bureaucratic process has changed and as long as my health will permit, I will continue to do as much of the same. I intend to be a strong critic of Veterans Affairs both positively and negatively as I can because they re-quire it, they need help and I know Veterans deserve, for us and for there service, the very best of help. I hope I can give that until I can’t help anymore.

Thank you, General Cuppens!

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