Interview with Jenifer Migneault, Caregiver Advocate - 2016 Commendation Recipient


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How does it make you feel to have received the Veterans Ombudsman Commendation?

I feel so privileged to be the one to receive this commendation tonight and I feel like I should share it with every military family of this country because it is a symbolism of our collective effort.

What inspires your effort to support Veterans and their families?

I had the longest time to think about this question and to be honest I can’t provide a true answer because inspiration comes from every person that I meet; either it’s a family member, a Veteran who’s being abandoned, forgotten, and their inspiration is their voice and each time I hear one of them, it makes me want to move forward, for me and for them.

What is the most rewarding aspect of the work that you do on behalf of veterans and their families?

The most rewarding aspect for me is each time that I feel like an individual or an organization is empowered in regard to the different challenges that the families must face every day.

What advice would you give to others who would like to dedicate their time to helping veterans?

Don’t be afraid, speak up. You have your experience, you have your voice and you must find your place, you have your identity and each time you make an action, you talk openly, you are doing it for you but for the entire community as well.

Thank you, Ms. Migneault!

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