Interview with the RCMP Veterans Association Support and Advocacy Team (Nova Scotia Division) - 2018 Commendation Recipient


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What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Victor Gorman: The most rewarding aspect of our work would be when people thank you for assisting them when family members or spouses pass away. They come and thank us for all the support we’ve given them as a committee and that is very rewarding.

Janet Gorman: The other thing is to inform people of things they never knew about. There is very little education about the things Veterans Affairs have, and other benefits that are out there for seniors, for senior veterans as well, so it is our job to instruct, inform, and help people walk through the processes. That’s rewarding.

What's next?

Victor Gorman: Well, what’s next for us, I think, is just to continue going forward getting more people involved. There is a gap where people don’t really understand what Veterans’ benefits are and we continuously attempt to inform them. We hold workshops. We just held our 14th one and we want to go forward with those/others.

Janet Gorman: We often engage professionals in their field to come and give the presentations in the workshops. We have lawyers, psychologists and clinical social workers who’ve all engaged with us and we have lots of other topics that we’re going to expand on to keep the membership in Nova Scotia, number one involved, but other areas also if they choose to join us.

Thank you to the RCMP Veterans Association Support and Advocacy Team (Nova Scotia Division)!

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