2023 Veterans Ombud Commendations Announced

Ottawa ON

NOVEMBER 28, 2023, OTTAWA, ON – The Veterans Ombud Commendation recognizes and honours the exceptional dedication, hard work and selfless motivation of an individual or group's contribution to Canada's Veterans and their families. This afternoon, Veterans Ombud Colonel (Ret’d) Nishika Jardine awarded eight Commendations for 2023: 

  • Individual Contribution: Darrel Sundholm
  • Individual Contribution: Allan Wellwood
  • Lifetime Contribution: Joseph (Larry) Gollner
  • Lifetime Contribution: William Sergeant
  • Local Organization: RCMP heritage Centre
  • Local Organization: 427 (London) Wing
  • National Organization: Pepper Pod
  • National Organization: Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association

It is with great admiration and honour that I present the 2023 Veterans Ombud Commendation. Each recipient shows tremendous leadership and dedication to the Veterans community. Our honorees exemplify hard work, compassion, and community service while supporting our country’s Veterans and their families.” - Veterans Ombud Colonel (Ret’d) Nishika Jardine 

Quick facts:

Commendation recipients are nominated by their peers. To learn more about the nomination process please visit: Nomination Submission Guide

The Veterans Ombud, in consultation with the Veterans Ombud Advisory Council, awards commendations annually in recognition of outstanding individuals and organizations making a positive impact on the lives of Veterans and their families.

The Office of the Veterans Ombud investigates complaints and challenges the policies and decisions of Veterans Affairs Canada where we find individual or systemic unfairness. We strive to be an independent and respected voice for fairness and a champion for the well-being of Veterans and their families.

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