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Veterans Ombudsman Releases 2019 Report Card


June 10, 2019 OTTAWA, ON — Veterans Ombudsman Craig Dalton today released his office’s 2019 Report Card, which reports on the Government’s progress to improve services and support for Veterans and their families. The release was made before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs. The Report Card, first introduced in 2017, is a tool used by the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman to capture, track and report on action taken in response to recommendations made by the Ombudsman to the Minister of Veterans Affairs.  Progress is measured against these evidence-based recommendations.

As of 2019, the Government has implemented – at least in part – 79 per cent (or 50) of the Office’s 63 recommendations made over the last 10 years,” said Mr. Dalton. “Of particular note, are the following changes that have been implemented to improve programs and services for Veterans: Veterans will now be retroactively compensated for treatment benefits from the date of their disability application, as opposed to the date of decision; Veterans at the age of 65, with a diminished earnings capacity, will now receive 70 percent of their Income Replacement Benefit; and, the issuance of a Veterans Service Card. While this shows progress, there is still more to be done – little progress has been made on addressing recommendations related to health care.”

At the same time, the Veterans Ombudsman shone a light on areas that have not received the level of attention necessary to effect change. Of the 13 recommendations to be implemented, the majority focus on health care supports and service delivery. He advised the Committee that his office will be monitoring progress on these recommendations, including: expanding access to caregiver benefits that assist injured Veterans with meeting their daily needs; covering mental health treatment for family members in their own right; and, providing fair and adequate access to long term care and the Veterans Independence Program.      

The Ombudsman also took the opportunity of his Committee appearance to outline his priorities developed over past months based on what he has heard from individual Veterans and their families and through engagement with Veterans organizations, Veterans advocates, the Veterans Ombudsman Advisory Council and a variety of other stakeholders and partners. Particularly, the  Veterans Ombudsman will be monitoring health care supports; quality of service delivery to Veterans; supports to families; and the unique experiences and needs of women Veterans and Reservists.  Regardless of the type of service, the length of service or where that service occurred, the goal of the Veterans Ombudsman is to ensure that Veterans and their families are treated fairly.


Quick facts:

  • 2019 Report Card themes are: health care and support; Veterans’ experience; financial security; life skills and preparation; purpose; and social integration.   
  • 2019 Report Card Results: Since 2009, 50 out of 63 recommendations were implemented or partially implemented, or 79 per cent.  The 13 outstanding recommendations include: eight in health care and supports; four in Veterans’ experience; and one in the financially secure theme.
  • This is the third report card issued by the Office of the Veterans Ombudsman.  In 2017, 65 percent of recommendations were acted upon; in 2018, 72 percent, and in 2019, 79 percent were met.     

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  • The Veterans Ombudsman is an impartial and independent officer who works to ensure fair outcomes for Veterans and their families.  The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman receives information and referrals helping the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and RCMP members, Veterans, and their families to access services and benefits in a fair and timely manner.  It also investigates complaints of those who feel they were unfairly treated.  The Office conducts evidence-based research and analysis on issues impacting Veterans and their families.  For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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  • To hear the Veterans Ombudsman’s presentation to the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, visit  ACVA - Home - House of Commons of Canada



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